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litecup - Spare LitePack

litecup - Spare LitePack


Spare LitePack with LED bulb. Battery included.

Remove LitePack before washing by hand or in dishwasher. Click out the light unit (which contains the battery and bulb) from the base of the cup with your thumb, coin or a blunt instrument such as a spoon. The light unit can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

Change battery:

  1. click out the light unit
  2. insert coin/blunt tool into slot on the side of the pack and click the top off
  3. remove electronic insert and turn over
  4. slide out battery and replace with a new CR2032 battery + side up
  5. turn back over and click into curved housing
  6. replace top

Should not be placed in a microwave.

  • litecup meets all FDA guidelines for foodsafe plastics
  •  litecup is BPA and latex free
  • dispose of product at first sign of damage or weakness
  • LitePack may become damaged if cup shaken, kicked or otherwise abused.

litecup is a safe product designed for independent drinking. However, it is each parent's decision about whether it is appropriate for their child to be left unattended with the product. "This is not a toy."

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