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Groundhog Day 2016

Groundhog Day

Every year on Feb. 2, groundhogs in Canada emerge from burrows to help predict the weather for the coming months. Groundhog Day gives North Americans hope for an early spring — or warnings for an extended winter. Research around the annual tradition suggests that people shouldn't put much stock in the critters' predictions. Still we thought it would be fun to honor this tradition with a Chewigem promotion, either celebrating an early Spring or snuggling in on an extended Winter.

Some interesting stats on the accuracy of our furry friends:

  • Ontario's Wiarton Willi and Nova Scotia's Shubenacadie Sam were only correct 37 per cent of the time
  • Most accurate predictions came from the groundhogs of Yellowknife at 50 percent
  • Sorry Edmonton you were least likely to make correct prediction at 26 percent

Not to make fun of our weather forecasters, but I think their stats on weather predictions are about as good as the groundhogs!

We  really enjoyed running this promotion. Again, thanks for all your support. Here's hoping that our Willi is absolutely WRONG with the weather prediction. 6 more weeks of winter, not in my cards!

.... don't let a groundhog tell you when you can put your shorts on for the first time (Huffpost)

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